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wing saw guard
Wing Saw Guard
The wing saw guard's job is to guard the blade that cuts the wings. Fabricated out of stainless steel, the guard is equipped with a metal band around the edge of the blade that serves as a blade cover. The guard also has a safety feature that shuts the blade off if the cover is lifted.

You can order the guard alone or you can order a freestanding unit that comes complete with motor, guard, blade, and arbor. The complete unit is constructed on a table, and the guard can be mounted to a saw on your own deboning line. There are quite a few options with this piece of equipment.
Dumpers are primarily used to dump combos. Pictured is a dumper used for 2,000-pound combos. We can build dumpers in any size. We will also build the dumper to the height you require. No size is too big or too small for us!

The dumpers are built out of stainless steel. Our dumpers can be built as a completely self-contained unit or we can build one to hook up to your plant's hydraulic system. The self-contained units have an electric drive system on them.
spiral conveyors
Spiral Conveyors
If you need to conserve floor space, then spiral conveyors are an excellent way to do just that! They can also be used for product accumulation.

There are two types of spiral conveyors. These spirals can flow both upward and downward.

We build spiral conveyors with belt width, in-feed, and discharge height to your specifications. The frame of the spiral conveyors are constructed out of stainless steel and the drive system is included in the fabrication.
vertical incline
Vertical Incline
We can make these conveyors as a scale feed or a rerun scale feed. Pictured is a rerun scale feed vertical incline conveyor.

The vertical incline is constructed out of stainless steel. The vertical section of the conveyor is covered for product containment and the cover is hinged for convenient cleaning. 

This type of conveyor will be custom built to your specifications. Because of the object of this conveyor's responsibility, there are many options from which to choose, some of them being but not limited to:

1.  Belt Width
2.  Discharge Height
3.  Amount of Hoppers
4.  Choice of Drive System: Hydraulic, Motor, and Gearbox or Drum Motor
metering hoppers
Metering Hoppers
The metering hoppers are used to move product from the blender to a fry line; however, they do have other uses as well. The one pictured to the right is a 5,000-pound unit. As with all of our products, we can build a metering hopper smaller or larger according to your specifications.

The metering hoppers are fabricated from stainless steel with an electric or hydraulic drive system installed. They could have castors on them or be stationary. We can also build them to be mounted on load cells.
turn conveyors
Turn Conveyors
The name says it all! A turn conveyor is a conveyor with any degree of turn or angle you may need. We can build anything from one degree up to 360 degrees. We can build straight conveyors, turn conveyors, or a combination of both to complete a whole system. As with our straight conveyors, we will build our turn conveyors to your specifications. This includes but is not limited to: 

1. Conveyor Height   
2. Belt Width   
3. Conveyor Length    
4. Configuration of Your Choice   
5. Drive System of Your Choice
Meat Press
Please contact us for complete details.
hand pack conveyors
Hand-Pack Conveyors
We fabricate hand-pack multi-station conveyors. These conveyors can have as many stations as you need. In the past, we have built them with as many as 10 stations on each side of the conveyor. We can build them bigger or smaller, no matter the number of stations you need. 

These conveyors have two different belts. The top belt is the product belt where the product is packaged. The bottom belt consists of two V-belts that are for the bag take-away. You will have your choice of either a rubber belt or a plastic module belt.

You will also have your choice of drive systems. These conveyors are fabricated from stainless steel. They can be built on casters or built to be stationary. We can build the hand pack conveyor only or we can layout the entire system for you. The entire system consists of the decline conveyor, the hand-pack station conveyor, the bag sealer conveyor, the bag pack conveyor and the full box take-away.

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